How To Get Call History of Any Number: 100% Easy & Working Trick nature real ytr.

Hey Are you Searching for “How to Get Call History of Any Number” then you are in the right place, here you can learn “How to Get Call Details of Any Mobile Number”.

Cheating is the most common thing nowadays, so people want to see call details secretly and there is many process To Get Call History.

Recently we got some tricks To get anyone’s call details, if you want to learn the process exactly then you have to follow it stepwise.

Let’s discuss the secret tips To Call & SMS History of Any Mobile number just follow the steps, first, we explain the process in which you don’t need any OTP. So, Let’s start…

How To Get Call Details of Any Number Without OTP?

To Get Call Details first, Install & Open Call History App then Select your Country & Add a Mobile Number, Click on Submit Button then Submit your Email ID now Choose Call History to Get all Call Details.

  1. Install & Open Call History App.
  2. Select the Country & add a Mobile number.
  3. Then click Submit Button.
  4. Submit your Email ID.
  5. Choose Call History to proceed.

Maybe you are facing some confusion with these very short steps now we are going to explain all the steps in detail that help you to understand easily.

1. Install & Open Call History App

To Get Call Details Of Any Number first, you have to Install & Open Call History App then you can get Call History of Mobile Number easily.


The App Image has been added in the Below section also, we are going to add the Download link, just click on the below button to install app.

2. Select the Country & add a Mobile number.

After installing when you are going to open the app now you can see the below interface, then you have to choose the Call History option to get all call details.

When you choose the Call History button you have to fill in the required data like Country & Mobile Number.

As you can see in the below image first, you have to add the country of the mobile number.

Then add the Mobile number of which you want to Get the Call Details, now you have to move forward.

3. Then click Submit Button

After adding a mobile number now you have to click on the Submit Button as you can see in the below image.

4. Submit your Email ID.

Move to the next step you must have a valid email ID, just enter your email id then click again the submit button as shown in the below image.

click here

When you click on the submit button, a new page opens,

and many options are given on it. You can easily check WhatsApp, SMS, and call history. Whatever you want to Check, click on that option.

When you click on any option, you will see many plans. You can buy any plan in it, and you can check its details.

If the App Asks you to buy a plan we recommend don’t buy any plan just come back again comment then we recommend another app for you.

Notice: I want to tell you, friends, you will get to see this problem in all the apps like this. If you buy any plan, then you are not going to get any details. That’s why I recommend that it is better to stay away from such apps. All these apps have Turned out to be an earning method, earning money from Google AdSense and their plan, but it is completely illegal.

I have explained all the steps below. This app, which gave you information, told you that no money should be wasted on call history.

But friends, apart from this, there is a proven way through which you can easily remove the history of the number. With the help of the steps given below, you can easily find out the call history.

How Long Does a Phone Keep Call History of Any Number?

The answer varies depending on several factors. By default, most smartphones will store call history for around 30 days. However, some phones may keep call history of number for longer periods, with some devices capable of storing call logs for up to a year.

That being said, it’s important to note that this duration is not set in stone. Some users may choose to clear their call logs manually, while others may configure their device to automatically delete call history after a certain period of time. It’s also worth considering that some carriers may store call records for longer periods, typically for billing or legal purposes.

In addition to the default settings, there are several ways you can manage your call history of any number. For example, you can use third-party apps or built-in features to backup your call logs to cloud services or external storage devices, ensuring that you have access to your call records even after they are removed from your phone.

How to Check Recent Call History of Any Number?

It’s different to check recent call history of any number on Android and iPhone devices. The following will give you full details on how to checl the recent call history of any number on Android and iPhone devices.

How To Get Call History of Mobile Number?

  • First log in to the Official App of your SIM Company, then go to usage details & click to view the statement of Call History then choose the period that you want, then choose an option from Email Statement, Download Statement & Views Statement.
  • Use USSD codes to get your call history, Open your dial pad *121# then Manage the Account & my usage on Airtel, use *199*2*3# for VI & *124# 7 for BSNL.
  • Take Customer support for Call History of Mobile Numbers, you have to contact to Customer Support team and then ask them to send the Call History of your mobile number.
  • Also, you can Get the Call History of Mobile numbers via SMS, Simple…
    • launch your SMS app on your phone.
    • Send an SMS with the subject “EBILL Month.
    • Send a Text message to an USSD code[Airtel-121, JIO-121, BSNL-1500, VI-1234]
    • finally received a msg with all the details on “how you can get all call history”.

By following the above steps, You can get the call history of your mobile number, now we will know How you can get Airtel Call History.

How To Get Airtel Call History?

To get Airtel call history, open your message app and Type a new message (EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID ) 121, If you want to get the call history of January month, then type ( EPREBILL JANUARY [email protected] ) and send it to Airtel Customer care number 121.

If you don’t understand anything now, then follow some easy steps mentioned below you will able to get Airtel Call History for your phone, This method is completely legal, you don’t have to download any third-party application to get your Airtel call details.

  • Open Your Message App
  • Tap On New Message
  • Type ( EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID )
  • Send it to Airtel Customer Care Number 121.
  • Open Your Email Account To check your Call History

When you send ( EPREBILL<space>MONTH NAME<space>YOUR EMAIL ID ) Message to Airtel Customer Care Number 121, then you will get a 6-digit OTP.

After sending the message Airtel Customer Care sends you a mail Now open your Gmail App to open that mail.

Scroll down you will find a PDF File, Download that PDF File and enter 6 Digit OTP to open that PDF file.

You will find all your Incoming, Outgoing, and Romming call history details in that PDF File.


We covered all about “How to Get Call History of Any Number” Hopefully you understand well, recommended don’t pay a single penny to any app.

If you still have any doubts on this topic then you can ask in the comment section, but if you understand well and like it then share it with a needy person.

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