Best HDFC Bank Affiliate Program with ₹1500 Commission in Sep 2023

Join the HDFC Bank affiliate program now and get up to ₹1500 commission on every successful card disbursal through your affiliate link.

With its headquarters in Mumbai, A new generation of private sector banks, HDFC Bank offers both transactional and branch banking to consumers and commercial and investment banking to wholesale customers.

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HDFC Bank Affiliate Commission Rate Details

The commission is the amount an EarnKaro user earns on every successful card disbursal through their HDFC Bank affiliate link.

Program Benefits

1. Earning Potential

By joining the HDFC Bank affiliate program, affiliates can earn the best commissions of up to ₹20,000 per month or more by promoting HDFC Bank credit cards.

2. Profit Tracking & Confirmation Timelines

HDFC Bank transactions are normally tracked on EarnKaro within 72 hours of the transaction. The commission takes 30 days after the card disbursal to get confirmed.

3. Payment

When earning on EarnKaro, your money remains safe in your EK account.

When your confirmed commission is above ₹10, you can request a bank transfer of your earnings.

4. No Documentation Required

You can join the HDFC Bank affiliate program on

Check id

without any documentation. All you need to do is

the app and sign up for free.

EarnKaro offers an exclusive Affiliaters Tool to simplify

and make your deal-sharing process effective.

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Telegram groups can use these tools.

choose EarnKaro to become an HDFC Bank credit card affiliate:

With you can effortlessly promote HDFC Bank services


Should be a citizen of India or a Non-Resident Indian

Tracking Information

Tracking time is when a transaction shows up in your EarnKaro account in Pending status.

Marketing Options For Promotions

Payment Information

Please Note:
1. In case the user’s transaction is cancelled/returned for any reason, the commission will not be ‘Confirmed’ and will be ‘Cancelled’ as per policies.
2. Commission rates are subject to change and differ with every retailer. Please check the commission rates on the EarnKaro App or Website before promoting. Also, do check out our recent blog, where we have mentioned some of the best affiliate programs for banks.  

3. If you are already holding an HDFC credit card, you won’t be eligible for this offer.

4. You are not eligible for profit if you choose the card upgrade/limit enhancement option.

Why Choose HDFC Bank Affiliate Program?

Commercial banking and treasury operations are among the financial and banking services offered by HDFC Bank Ltd. Additionally, the company offers financial services to Indian citizens and businesses with higher and moderate incomes like deposit services and card products, loans for homes, automobiles, trucks, and other personal and professional needs, insurance for life, health, and non-life hazards, and investment options like mutual funds, bonds, shares, and derivatives. The bank conducts business across India through a network of branches, ATMs, phone banking, net banking, and mobile banking.

And by joining the HDFC Bank , you can earn up to ₹1500 commission on every successful card disbursal through your HDFC Bank affiliate link.

How Does HDFC Bank Affiliate Work?

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What is the commission rate of this program?

As an HDFC Bank affiliate partner, you can earn up to ₹1500 commission on every successful card disbursal through your affiliate link.

Who can join this affiliate program?

Anyone with a website, blog or social media channel can join this affiliate program and start sharing HDFC Bank affiliate links with their network.

What are the benefits of joining this program?

As an HDFC Bank affiliate partner, you can promote HDFC services and earn up to ₹20,000 every month.

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