[₹1500/Day] Zupee Ludo Gold | Zupee App For Rs.150 Bonus

install the Zupee Gold Ludo app and Zupee Ludo. I’m going to provide you all the information about the Zupee app, therefore now I’m going to discuss about Zupee Ludo Gold in this post. How can I get the Zupee Gold APK? What you can do to play Zupee Ludo and get money, etc.

You must install Zupee in order to profit from it. The Zupee app is not present on the Google Play Store, which is the issue. I’ll explain how to get Zupee Ludo right now.

I’ll also share additional Zupee game earning tips with you in the article to help you maximize your earnings.

Zupee Ludo Introduction

Zupee is an online multiplayer game where you can play games and make money.

If you are a skilled gamer, the Zupee app is completely reliable. Ludo is a game where you can actually be paid. The most well-known online Ludo earning app in India is Zupee Gold, which pays you with real money.

Dilsher Singh Malhi and Siddhant Saurabh established Zupee in 2018. This app offers five games where you may play for real money and win money.

install21.1 Million+ (More Than 2.1 Crore)
Signup Bonus10 Rupees Bonus (Instant)
Refer & Earn₹5/Install on Signup, Max. 100 From a Friend
Official Zupee Websitewww.Zupee.Com (Visit Here)
Referral Code9518PN8HkbB
Payout OptionUPI, Bank
Minimum Withdrawal1 Rupee
Customer Support Contact[email protected]

Best Features of Zupee 

Here I am going to tell you the best features of Zupee Ludo APK what make it unique and trusted as well as why it is most popular. 

  • Rs. 10-50 free bonus on the register.
  • Zupee Ludo app has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Fast cash withdrawal via UPI and Bank.
  • The Minimum withdrawal is 1 Rupee.
  • Can deposit with UPI, Online wallets, Credit cards, Debit cardsNet banking etc.
  • Zupee Gold app is 100% safe, secure and legal.

How to install Zupee Ludo app?

Step 1: Launch your browser first.

Step 2: Type Zupee Gold Ludo app into the search bar to start your search.

Step 3: Go to the Zupee Ludo app’s official website at www.zupee.com, which you may find in the Google search result.

Step 4: Click the “install App” button that now appears on the Zupee official website.

Step 5: install the Zupee Ludo APK installation file, then install it by enabling installation from untrusted sources.

Please be aware that installing Zupee APK to your phone is entirely safe and authorized. So, don’t be concerned about your gadget. It is safe to install it from the zupee.com official website.

How to register on Zupee Gold app?

So when you will install this app that now for making money

You must to register for a Zupee account before using this app. So, the information on how to register for this app is provided below.

In order to make an account on the Zupee app, you must first open the Zupee Ludo app and then select on the Google login option.

Step 2: The next step is to choose your language and press the “Save” button.

Step 3: You’ll arrive to the Zupee Gold app’s home screen after giving the necessary information. And the Zupee Gold app will establish your account.

You will thus receive a dashboard after making an account, where you may view the games that are accessible on Zupee.

How to login in Zupee Ludo account?

If you have already created an account Zupee app then you don’t need to create another account. Here is the information on how you can log in to your account in Zupee app.

Step 1: First open the Zupee app.

Step 2: Enter Your registered Mobile number.

Step 3: You will receive OTP on your mobile number.

Step 4: Enter the OTP that was received on your registered mobile number.

Step 5: Get login into your old Zupee game account.

How many games are available in Zupee app?

We all know that playing games and making money is the most common way to generate money using the Zupee app. Here is a list of the games that are included in the Zupee app in response to the query of what kinds of games are offered there.

One of the finest and most played games on the Zupee app is Ludo Supereme. It is a multiplayer game that supports two to four players at once. Another name for it is Pachisi.

We all know that Ludo is the most played game in Zupee APK, and Ludo Ninja is the second-best game accessible in this app. You can simply play ninja Ludo and other games in this app.

The second and finest game in the Zupee app is called Carrom Ninja. It is a standard carrom game that can be played online with up to four other players.

Snakes & Ladders Plus: As we are all aware, Snakes and Ladders is a really intriguing game. In my opinion, it is the third most popular game.

All of these multiplayer games allow you to play and earn money with two or four other players, and the winner receives payment through the Zupee app.

How to add money to Zupee Gold app?

So before playing Zupee Ludo game, you have to add money to your gold wallet duplicate before you start playing the game you need some deposit to play the Zupee game. 

Step 1: First click on your Zupee Wallet

Step 2: Now tap on the Add button, after that enter your amount in Enter Amount

Step 3: Now enter the amount and click on “Add Money“.

Step 4: Now choose UPI, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card, and make payment.

Step 5: Your money will start displaying after successful payment.

Zupee Ludo coupons & promo codes

Zupee coupon codes are very necessary if you want to get additional cash backs, discounts, free bonuses etc. You can apply these Zupee coupon codes while adding money to your wallet.

Promo/Coupon CodesCashback Benefits
WELCOME2Up to 50% Instant Cashback
UPIOFFER16Max. 30% Cashback
DAILY2Up to 15% Instant Cashback
CASHBONUSUp to 20% Cashback
MEGAUPI5Max. 13% Instant Cashback
MEGAUPI9Up to 9% Cashback
MEGAOFFER1Up to 7% Instant Cashback

Zupee APK cash withdrawal

Before taking a withdrawal you must have at least 60 Rs. in your Zupee game wallet to take a withdrawal from Zupee app. If you don’t have Rs. 60 Zupees then you can’t withdraw, you have to play more games and earn more money to withdraw.

Here is how you can transfer money from your Zupee wallet to your bank account.

Step 1: Open Zupee App.

Step 2: Click on Withdraw option available in Zupee app.

Step 3: Now enter the amount which you have won from Zupee.

Step 4: Now select the payment method where you want to take payment.

Step 5: Enter your payment details and click on withdrawal.

Step 6: You will get your money within seconds.

How to do KYC in Zupee Ludo app?

It’s very important, if you are making money from the Zupee app you must have to go through KYC verification. After that, you can withdraw cash. So here are the steps on how you can complete your KYC on Zupee app.

Step 1: First open your Zupee app now click on Zupee profile.

Step 2: Now click on the option to complete your KYC.

Step 3: To complete your KYC you must have any one document PAN Card, Driving License, or Voter Card ID.

Step 4: Now fill in all the necessary information which are required and upload a clear photo of your document but it must be less than 5 MB.

Step 5: Now click on submit your KYC will be complete within 24 hours.

Zupee Gold app refer & earn

The second way to get money with the Zupee app is to share it with your friends. If you want to earn money with this app, you must share it with your friends.

You may make up to 100 Rupees every person who signs up for the Zupee app with your referral code.

Step 1: Launch the Zupee Ludo Gold app and register in the My Profile area to validate your cellphone number.

  1. Right now Click the menu button, then select Refer & Earn.

Step 3: A referral code will be required in order to receive free gaming currency.

Enter the Zupee Ludo app referral code in step four.

Step 5: You will receive 5 Rupees.100 per reffer.

How to add a bank account in Zupee Ludo app?

If you want to take withdrawals or if you want to deposit money in Zupee

In the Zupee Gold app, a bank account must be added. So, here is the whole procedure for adding a bank account to the Zupee app.

First, launch the Zupee Gold Ludo application.

Step 2: Click on the wallet symbol that is located at the top of the app’s homepage.

Step 3: Select the Withdraw option from the wallet’s menu.

Step 4: A new page with several options will emerge in front of you. A section about UPI and bank accounts will be at the bottom of this.

Step 5: Select the Add option by clicking it.

Step 6: At this point, you must enter the necessary bank information.

Step 7: After filling in all the details of your bank, click on Proceed Button and done.

How to play Ludo game in Zupee Gold?

If you want to play games in the Zupee app here is the information on how you can play games in this app to make money online.

Step 1: First of all you have to install Zupee Ludo Gold app.

Step 2: Now you have to create an account in Zupee app.

Step 3: Add cash to their wallets and choose the Maha Sangram Ludo tournament they would like to play.

Step 4: Once the tournament has enough people, the game begins.

How to earn money from Zupee Ludo Gold app?

So here are all the possible ways to make money online with Zupee app.

Method 1: By playing multiplayer games which are available on the Zupee app like.

  1. Ludo Supreme
  2. Ludo Ninja
  3. Snakes and Ladders Plus
  4. Ludo Turbo
  5. Carrom Ninja
  6. Trump Cards Mania

Method 2: From the “Refer and Earn” program by sharing the referral code to your friends.

Zupee Gold Ludo customer service 

If you are experiencing any issues when playing games or any other issues, you may contact Zupee customer care for assistance.

If you want speedy help, Zupee offers customer support where professionals will solve your issue. Send them by mail to [email protected]. They’ll help you as quickly as they can and they’ll help you.

Pro and Coins of Zupee app

Pros of Zupee appCons of Zupee APK
The best app to make money by playing games.Taking a long time for finding users to play the game.
Made in India and trusted by more than 10+ Lakhs People.You can get addicted to playing Zupee.
The minimum cash withdrawal amount is 1 Rs.You can win the game as well as you can lose it winning and losing both are dependent on your skill.
Earn money by participating in online tournaments.Few games are available in Zupee.
Earn money by playing games and sharing referral codes with friends.

Is Zupee APK good to play Ludo online?

Zupee is one of the best apps to make money online and it is free. You can earn money by playing games, and it is completely free to install. It has a straightforward interface and thousands of users are earning money through it. If you want to earn more money, you must enter competitions.

This software has a large selection of games and is easy to use; you won’t encounter any difficulties. There are several games you may play on the Zupee Ludo app to earn money, and it is completely trustworthy.

There are few games available, despite the fact that I have seen several apps to make money online by playing games. Nevertheless, in the Zupee.


In light of my experience, I have provided you with all the information about the Zupee Ludo app in this article. If you want to play Ludo games online for cash, one of the greatest applications is Zupee Gold. Personally, I’ve used it to make a couple cash withdrawals and earn some money online.

The finest features are offered by Zupee APK, and it is quite simple to use. It includes a wide library of games that can be played for money, including Zupee Ludo Supreme, Ludo Ninja, Ludo Turbo, Snacks and Ladders Plus, Carrom Ninja, and Trump Card Mania, among others.

Therefore, we have attempted to address all of your queries regarding the Zupee Ludo app in this post. If you still have concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Is Zupee Ludo APK a safe app?

Zupee Ludo is RNG certified app by Itech Lab so we can say that this app is completely safe.

What is the minimum withdrawal limit of Zupee app?

Zupee app’s minimum withdrawal limit is only 1 Rupee.

Which country has developed Zupee Gold app?

Zupee Gold Ludo is an Indian app which has made by a company of India named Cashgrail Private Limited.

What is Zupee APK’s maximum withdrawal limit in 1 day?

You can withdraw a maximum of Rs. 25,000 per day in Zupee APK Ludo.

Who is the owner of Zupee Ludo Gold?

The owner of Zupee app is Dilsher Malhi who is Founder & CEO at Gurugram, Haryana, India.

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